Flowing Freely, Légende, by Florent Schmitt, Moves from Calm Serenity to Outburst without Excessive Transition

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Légende for alto saxophone and orchestra, Op. 66, by Florent Schmitt

Commissioned by American saxophonist Elise Hall “Legende” by F.Schmitt is one of the most enigmatic piece of music ever written. Unlike Debussy’s rapsodie, also commisionned by Elise Hall in 1903, Legende  requires a solid technique. Debussy was not impressed by Mrs. Hall’s talent and it shows. Although beautifully crafted, one can feel that Debussy felt compelled to restrain composing a technically challenging work. Either Mrs. had improved tremondesly or Schmitt didn’t care, (having read about Schmitt’s character I would opt for the later option!)  he writes as he pleases, with no contrains and the result is superb.

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Another Concert in Honduras

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Season Finale

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